Get Introduced to CNC Turning and Milling Services

Get Introduced to CNC Turning and Milling Services

CNC Turning Milling Parts

Brass is an exceptional copper alloy widely used for making parts and components ranging from pipes, fittings, and bearings, to architectural trim pieces, radiators, musical instruments, among others. Brass is valued for its high polished finish, wear resistance, low friction coefficient, good strength, ductility and corrosion resistance. Moreover, brass is known for its high tensile strength and easy machinability. All these features together contribute to the large-scale use of components made from it across medical, musical, electronics, food processing and automotive industries. Although, it is compatible with several machining processes, the most widely used technique to create desired shapes out of it is CNC machining, especially CNC turning and milling. CNC turning and milling parts are precise, quick, and less demanding in terms of human efforts. Let us understand the benefits of CNC turning and milling services when it comes to machining brass.

A Brief Overview of CNC Turning and Milling Techniques

CNC turning and milling are the two most popularly employed applications that help produce an extensive range of precision brass components and parts. Let us understand milling and turning operations in brief now.

  • CNC Turning: This machining process produces complex cylindrical/round brass turning parts of varying sizes and shapes using a lathe. The turning lathe is controlled by computer programs; and is used to create patterns and add details to the work piece. The processing speed can be adjusted for greater accuracy in terms of depths and diameters. Employing profiling, straight turning, external grooving, and taper turning, the process guarantees accurate representations of digital blueprints. By machining product batches with unparalleled accuracy, CNC turning increases production speed, enhances production efficiency, and assures safe industrial operations.

A few examples of brass CNC turning machined brass parts are:

    • Water valves
    • Medical instruments
    • Bushes
    • Bearings
    • Studs
    • Rivets
    • Rollers
    • Turbines

  • CNC Milling: This computer-controlled production technique enables progressively removing material from a solid block and creates flat or sculptured components as per the specifications. Milling is accomplished using a rotating multi-point cutting tool to shape workpiece that is stationary. Mills are versatile machines that enable cutting materials in different angles by moving along different axes such as X, Y and Z. The machining process is incredibly precise and can produce many components with the same specifications without human intervention. With precision, replicability, and low labor costs, surface milling, face milling, angular milling, form milling, and profile milling are capable of creating a range of intricate, tight tolerance parts and components.

A few examples of CNC milled machined brass parts are:

    • HDTV components
    • Prosthetics parts
    • Hip stems or cups.
    • Drive housings
    • Gearbox casings
    • Cast parts
    • Manifolds

CNC turning and milling parts in brass thus have numerous applications across industries. However, in order to serve the intended applications, parts must be turned and milled precisely as per the blueprint given. Even a small mistake in the operation leads to faulty parts. This in turn imparts huge material loss, and delayed production. Avoid all such unforeseen situations by partnering with industry leading CNC machining service providers like Princeton Industrial Products, Inc. With years of experience in CNC turning and milling services, the firm offers a wide range of components in brass according to customer’s drawing or samples, meeting unmatched dimension accuracy. Princeton Industrial Products, Inc. adheres to a stringent quality management system, hence you can be rest assured with having highly precise CNC turning and milling parts with quicker lead times.

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