Hydraulic Parts CNC Machining

Hydraulic systems use pressurized liquid to transmit force in mechanical systems. These systems are often operated at high pressure, which is why the hydraulic parts need to be manufactured with high accuracy. At Princeton Industrial Products, use several types of Swiss, CNC (Computer Numerical Control), HMC (Horizontal Machining Center), and VMC (Vertical Machining Center) to offer highly reliable hydraulic parts/components machining services to our clients. We own exceptional precision machining capabilities and machining is performed by a team of machinists and engineers who possess decades of experience and impeccable credentials. These enable us to provide efficient, next-generation machining solutions for diverse industries.

Industries that We Serve

Hydraulic components must be strong and durable, which in turn necessitates extensive machining, such as turning and milling. We are happy to constantly provide Hydraulic parts of the greatest quality, regardless of how difficult the specifications are. The processes and technologies to produce these parts have evolved over time to better serve the needs of different industries. The following are the major industries we serve on a regular basis.

    • Aerospace:

In the aerospace industry, there are many components that must be machined to very stringent tolerances and standards. As such, many aerospace companies have come to depend on our precision machining services for their hydraulic parts. Some hydraulic parts/components we machine for the sector include valves, check valves, flow controls, aircraft brakes, landing gear, and orifice plates.

    • Automotive:

When it comes to hydraulic parts machining, customers from automotive sector always look for good quality and precision. With a combination of high technology machines and highly skilled workers, we at Princeton, specialize in manufacturing of hydraulic machined products such as cylinder block and piston, motors and valves, hose fittings and so on.

    • Medical:

The medical industry is yet another place that immensely benefits from hydraulic parts and components. CNC hydraulic machining services have gained popularity in the medical industry because of the precision it offers. In order to create a medical device, manufacturers often require an extremely high level of accuracy and reliability. We are aware that the quality of machined components is crucially important for the medical devices industry. Hence, we guarantee to supply the industry with consistent and accurate components that righty complement the intended area of applications.

    • Electronics:

The market for the electronics industry is growing, and so is the demand for our hydraulic machining services. These services are in high demand in the electronics industry, as people are constantly looking for new and updated electronics every time.

    • Construction:

Our team is always ready to provide cost effective and efficient hydraulic components machining services for the construction industry. Our range of hydraulic machines parts are found in a wide variety of equipment used in the sector, including excavators, forklifts, backhoes, bobcats and many more.

We are known in the industry for delivering high-quality hydraulic components that are used in numerous other industries as well, and those includes, Telecommunications, Defense /Military, Science/Technology and much more.

Application Hydraulic Parts CNC Machining

At Princeton Industrial, we continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment and tools so that we can meet the challenges of evolving industry needs. We employ cutting-edge manufacturing processes that allow us to achieve extremely tight tolerances. Some of the hydraulic parts and components we fabricate include:

  • Clamping cylinders
  • Positioning cylinders
  • Support cylinders
  • Check valves
  • Directional control valves
  • Flow control valves
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Pistons
  • Motor transmission axels
  • Sequence valves
  • Manifolds
  • Fittings

We have been in the business of manufacturing and supplying world-class range of precision machined components to our customers for more than two decades. We have been working tirelessly to identify our customer needs and deliver products that align with their expectations. Please contact our team for a consultation and quote immediately to learn more about our hydraulic precision machining skills and services.


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