Quality Assurance

Princeton is Committed to Quality and Continual Improvement

Quality assurance is a methodology that ensures if the product meets the service level or agreed requirements in terms of structural and functional accuracy. This increases efficiency and productivity, and develops zero tolerance for errors. Since errors can be spotted in initial stages, it also helps reduce cost and downtime. Princeton Industrial has a dedicated quality assurance department which documents every detail of the errors identified and the steps taken for improvement or rectification. Documentation is an extremely important part of QA, and this has helped us as a reference material for preventing future errors.

Your path to quality begins with Princeton’s unmatched customer service on your precision machined components. Our turn-key operation has been established to provide a one-stop destination to fulfill your machining needs. Princeton continues to be a certified supplier for many well-known respected companies in aerospace, automotive, defense, military, hydraulics, telecommunications, pneumatics, electronics components, medical parts, OEM’s, and a host of other tier 1 and tier 2 companies.

Princeton’s Holistic Approach Towards Quality Assurance

Princeton is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and this is a testimony to the company’s efforts to offer the best quality in terms of services, machined parts, and more. This has increased our credibility. We stick to industry standards when choosing materials, fabrication processes, and the types of CNC machines. We are capable of accurately producing parts or products with the tightest tolerances and complex designs. Here are some pointers which reflect how QA covers all aspects of our business.

  • Since we are a quality-focused organization, we significantly invest in good-quality machines and equipment with advanced features.
  • We train our employees to focus in the quality aspect which gets imbibed in their work pattern.
  • We also invest in research and development which fosters innovation and continual improvement.
  • We have implemented quality assurance at each step of the designing and manufacturing processes.
  • All our measurement instruments such as gages, optical systems, and so on are well calibrated, and their accuracy is checked periodically.
  • Also, we have strict testing procedures in place for each product. We implement various types of testing such as manual and automated.
  • Final inspection/testing is done before any product is shipped out.
  • All of this helps us develop the best products for our clients and with a reduced time to market. The prototypes we make serve as our reference point to develop new versions of products with better functionalities.


To sum it up, our quality assurance process starts the moment we receive an order. It is implemented from thereon in the bill of materials, requirement gathering, product design, client meetings, approvals and documentation, part procurement, vendor validation, all stages of manufacturing, testing, packaging, customer service, and delivery. This is applicable for prototyping, low volume, and high volume production runs. If you have any questions regarding the quality assurance process we follow, you can contact us via phone or email.

ISO Certificate

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