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The automotive industry has evolved over the years, and vehicles have advanced in terms of technology and automation. The number of automotive parts with complex designs and integrated circuits has increased as well, and this is estimated to go up in the future. This huge volume of automated parts can be achieved through automotive products machining. At the same time, it is crucial that all the parts are same and flawless, and this is where automotive OEMs can rely on CNC machining. Princeton Industrial offers precision machined parts for the automotive industry. We achieve this through our metal and plastics part machining capabilities combined with vast industry experience.

Automotive CNC Machining Capabilities

Princeton Industrial is one of the trusted names in the automotive industry for plastic machined parts. Our following automotive products machining capabilities along with excellent services have earned us plenty of satisfied clients in this segment.

Common Materials Used for Automotive Products Machining

At Princeton Industrial, we work with the following materials to create automotive CNC machined parts. We use both metal and plastic for our automotive CNC machined parts. Here are the metals we use

    • Aluminum: This robust, durable yet lightweight metal is widely used in the automotive sector. We use aluminum types and alloys based on each requirement and the level of strength and hardness required. We have our own cutting tools to cut this extremely hard metal.
    • Stainless steel: We use various types of stainless steel as it is machinable, robust, non-magnetic, and corrosion resistant. We use Swiss machining, turning, and automated multiple axes machines to make these parts. We have in-house tooling capabilities for the same.
    • Alloys: Various metals are combined to get the best output in terms of robustness, flexibility, and other physical and chemical properties required to make a part. An alloy enhances the properties of the original metal. We use aluminum as well as steel alloys.

Here are the plastic materials we use for automotive parts:

    • Delrin: This is often used in bushings and gears among other automotive components. We use CNC milling, turning, and Swiss machining for Delrin components. Delrin is a plastic from the acetal family and offers the required strength, dimensional stability, friction resistance, and endurance to the part.
    • Nylon: We use CNC turning and Swiss machining for Nylon, and this plastic helps achieve tight tolerances. It can withstand high temperatures and is friction resistant. It is commonly used to make bearings, bushings, and gears.
    • Teflon: Teflon or PTFE has a high endurance and impact strength. It is resistant to friction heat, radiation, chemicals, and so on. We often use Swiss machining and CNC turning machines for Teflon.

Benefits of Partnering with Princeton for Automotive CNC Machined Parts

Over the years, we have developed expertise in automotive parts machining and it is one of our key services. There are several reasons why automotive part manufacturers and OEMs may want to partner with us. Here are some of them.

    • We have worked with many small and big players in the automotive sector, and have gained our expertise and experience because of the same. There is a huge amount of customization we can offer to suit specific requirements of our clients.
    • Princeton is an ISO 9001: 2015 company and this can be attributed to the quality and precision we offer. We have strict testing and inspection norms in place at every stage of the design and machining.
    • We have a state-of-the-art facility where we perform every step of the process from ideation, design, machining, assembling, and so on. The facility is located manufacturing facility in Elgin, Illinois from where everything is shipped. We offer prototypes before beginning the full volume production run.
    • We possess the expertise in working with metals as well as plastics of various grades and types. Our CNC machine systems can achieve tolerances as tight as 0.002 mm.
    • We perform thorough inspections of each part and post processing systems which ensures precision, quality, and accuracy.


As mentioned, we are reliable partners for the players in the automotive industry across the US, and fortunately we have had the opportunity of working with some of the top players and dabbling on fabrication of complex parts. Here are some of the application areas of our machining services in the automotive industry.

  • Bushings
  • Valve retainers
  • End-use parts
  • Engine parts
  • Gearboxes
  • Vintage car components
  • Carburetor enclosure components
  • Structural and body components


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