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The electronics industry is one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. It features various products, from small electronic components to large appliances. There are active and passive components that contribute to the functioning and performance of electronics equipment. Thus, they must be designed accurately and carefully. At Princeton Industrial Products, Inc., we create electronics precision parts using CNC machining. All these years, we have supported our clients in the semiconductor, electronics, and sensor industry segments with our high-quality CNC machining services. Thanks to our advanced CNC machining capabilities and expertise, we can meet all your project requirements with ease. We can produce electronics precision parts with high tolerance in mid to bulk volumes.

Electronics Machining Capabilities

Electronic parts and components feature complex details and require high precision. Our following electronics machining capabilities allow us to meet these requirements with ease.

CNC Machining Services: We provide the following CNC machining services to our clients in the electronics and semiconductor industries:

Materials We Work: We work with several metal and plastic materials, including:

    • Aluminum:

Aluminum is the most economical material for CNC machining. We use this material to create casting for electrical and electronic equipment. Aluminum is known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, rust, and corrosion resistance. The parts and components made of this material are chemical resistant, malleable, and electrically conductive.

    • Stainless Steel:

This material is known for its corrosion resistance and strength. We work with various types of stainless steel materials, including stainless steel 304, 316, and various alloys. We use stainless steel to create electronic hardware and components that may require corrosion resistance.

    • Alloy Steel:

Alloy steel components are usually preferred in high-stress electronic appliances. We work with a variety of alloy steels, including steel alloy 4140, 41L40, 52100, etc.

    • Copper:

This material is known for its conductivity, malleability, and reliability. Copper wiring is extensively used in printed circuit boards and motors. We regularly work with this material and is used in industrial machines.

    • Brass:

This material is widely used in parts that require high chemical, heat, and corrosion resistance. The parts are reliable, durable, and cost-efficient.

    • PVC:

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is a low-cost plastic that is used for creating parts and components requiring high strength and are lightweight. PVC parts can be machined to close tolerances and possess excellent flame, water, and corrosion resistance.

      • Nylon:

This is a low-cost plastic that is employed for machining parts that require high friction resistance and compressive strength. We can machine these parts to achieve tight tolerances.

      • PTFE:

This is the resilient material for creating electronic parts that require high durability and strength. The parts made of this material can resist chemicals, radiation, heat, flame, etc. We regularly machine PTFE electronic precision parts for use in moisture-laden environments.

Secondary Services: Some electronic parts and components require excellent surface finishing. The following are some of the secondary services we offer:

      • Anodizing
      • Electroplating
      • Passivation
      • Powder Coating
      • Heat Treatment

Benefits of Partnering with Princeton Industrial Products, Inc. for Electronics Machining

Today, we count some of the best electronics and semiconductor manufacturers among our clients. We believe our advanced machining capabilities and engineering expertise makes us one-stop destination for all your CNC machining needs. The following are a few benefits of partnering with us for all your electronics machining requirements.

      • We are an ISO 9001: 2015 company, and our facilities and engineering practices are testimony to our commitment to quality.
      • We understand the level of precision required in some electronics industry segments. Our engineering expertise and technology investments enable us to meet strict tolerances easily, which may be as minute as 0.002mm for miniature electronic devices.
      • All electronics machining is performed in-house at our well-equipped facility in Elgin, Illinois. This allows us to stay true to our commitment of deadlines and assure competitive prices to clients.
      • We can process prototypes and short to medium production runs at quick turnaround times.

Applications of Electronics CNC Machining

Electronics machining is a challenging sector owing to the diversity involved. Every project is quite different and sometimes comes with extra requirements. We can fulfill them quite easily and have been successfully delivering on time all these years. The following are some common parts that we regularly machine at our facility.

      • Printed Circuit Boards
      • Casings and Enclosures
      • Heat Sinks
      • Semiconductors
      • Sockets and Connectors
      • Fixtures
      • Brackets, Tools, and Chassis


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