Know About Princeton’s CNC Aluminum Machine Services

Know About Princeton’s CNC Aluminum Machine Services

CNC Machining Alumunium

For several decades, aluminum has been widely used to make a variety parts or products across industries. It can be easily machined and has some amazing properties. It is good conductor of heat, and robust yet lightweight. Also, it affordable and non-magnetic. It is used to make anything from screws and bearings to sheets, containers, tubes & piping, automotive components, panels, and more. Princeton Industrial Products, Inc. CNC machining of aluminum in various capacities. The company has a market presence of over of over two decades and hence has worked with clients from diverse sectors as well as catered to complex custom requirements. This post offers insights on Princeton’s services pertaining to CNC machining of aluminum parts.

What Makes Aluminum an Ideal Material for CNC Machining?

Before discussing the CNC aluminum machining capabilities of Princeton Industrial Products, Inc., let’s focus on the properties of aluminum, which makes them ideal for creating several CNC machined industrial parts. Here are some properties of aluminum which have made it a preferred material for part machining.

  • First, aluminum is easily machinable and can be formed, cut, drilled, and so on to get the required shape and size.
  • It is highly ductile and soft and hence can be easily cut into wires or chips.
  • The fact that it can be cut easily reduces the power consumption during the process. As such, it is more affordable than many other metals.
  • It does not deform easily during the process and hence is apt for high precision requirements with tight tolerances.
  • It is resistant to heat, corrosion, and can withstand harsh industrial environments. It is also suitable for cryogenic or freezing environments.
  • It has a high mechanical and tensile strength. Aluminum offers an excellent strength to weight ratio to the part or product.
  • It offers structural and dimensional stability to the product.
  • Aluminum is combined with various other minerals in certain proportions depending on the properties required. It is often alloyed with magnesium and copper which enhances the physical and chemical properties.

CNC Aluminum Machining Capabilities Offered by Princeton Industrial Products, Inc.

Princeton Industrial Products, Inc. has been an expert in CNC machining for over a couple of decades and specializes in CNC machining of aluminum. The company at their state-of-the-art facility offer custom aluminum machined parts regardless of the design complexities, tight tolerance requirements, and so on. The facility has CNC machines with multiple axes, even up to 5 which helps machining of more than two parts at a time. This is boosted further by their excellent team. Here is what Princeton Industrial Products, Inc. offers to its clients in terms of CNC aluminum machining services.

  • We can machine best grades of aluminum and its alloys depending on your requirement. These include aluminum 6061 and 7075. In addition to this, AW-2007 is another alloy that we regularly machine. This is the aluminum alloy with copper, manganese, and lead. The company works with AW-5083, which is an aluminum -magnesium – manganese alloy.

  • Once the team gathers client requirements, they are thoroughly analyzed and discussed. Upon detailed discussions with the client, the grade of aluminum is finalized and so is the design.

  • Since aluminum can be easily machined, there is scope to use a variety of machining techniques. The company’s facility has advanced machines which enable the operators to make the most crucial parts with precision. Since aluminum offers structural stability, it is often used in high-risk or mission-critical applications such as construction of bridges, aircraft components, automobile parts, defense weaponry, and so on.

If you are an OEM who manufactures parts or components for a variety of industries, you may require aluminum machined parts quite frequently. If you partner with Princeton Industrial Products, Inc., you can get custom parts machined to suit your requirements, and within your budget. At Princeton, we have an extremely efficient team to guide you through the entire process and answer any relevant questions you have on your mind regarding CNC machining of aluminum. We can provide you a quick quote once you share your requirements. You can contact our team via phone or email to know more about their CNC machine services for aluminum.


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