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Screw Machine Products

Our diverse automatic scew machine department enables us to manufacture very precise parts in large production volumes in the most efficient manner possible (Lean Manufacturing).  These single and multi-spindle machines are equipped with special attachments which enable us to perform many types of secondary operations right on the machine thus eliminating the need for extra operations.  All this translates to cost savings for our customers without having to sacrifice quality, consistency, or on-time delivery.
Automatic Screw Machining, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Defense, Medical, Aerospace
Swiss Screw Machining

Our swiss screw machines are a perfect compliment to the single and multi-spindle automatics.  These machines provide us with the capacity to machine very small, intricate and precise parts.  Swiss machines can hold tolerances as tight as .0002" and usually provide a micro finish of 32 micro-inches or better.  The Swiss screw machine combines the largest production capabilities of single and multi-spindle automatics with it's own unique high precision capabilities providing the most efficient way to manufacture very small intricate parts.
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